domingo, 5 de junio de 2011


I love art fairs. Whenever I know there is one going on soon I rush to it! Especially Fusionarte, my pictures where gonna be exhibited in a booth and I was excited to see the rest of the pictures which I hadn't seen.

The art fair itself disappointed me, few exhibitions, poor quality control and overall there was a lack of art. It was mainly about handmade jewelry and clothing. The plaza was huge and I honestly think that the organizers could have taken so much advantage of this.

..but oh well, I had fun with my friends! My friend took some pictures for me (I forgot my camera!) they are cellphone pics so excuse the low resolution. I promise I will carry my camera around from now on.

Thanks Tere Cota!

Graphic Design

jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Maybe this is the last time.

It's been quite a while since I posted here. What else is new, huh?
Let's cut to the interesting parts.

There is this amazing girl called Tere Cota, she owns an online store called "Douce Mørkt" which perfectly describes the theme of the store itself. They offer from sweet accessories fit for any Lolita to very dark and mysterious illustrations and photo manipulations done by Luis Islas.

Why is it involved with me? Tere offered me to do a photo shoot wearing my most toned down and elegant Lolita clothing as Nadia (very well know lolita) modeled the sweet wave of lolita. When I first saw the series of pictures that were took for Nadia I must say I was very very impressed, and it was an honor for me to work for them.

Of course the pictures turned out awesome from what I have seen (only 2!) and I am very glad that I participated. It was a good experience!

They gave me a little token that consisted of products from their store!

Douce Morkt will be at Pueblo Amigo this saturday at Fusionarte. All of you guys and girls that live in Tijuana or near it should check it out!